Help little red bumps deep in vaginal area?

Answer honestly it sounds like you might have a uti which is very common if you have sex and do not use the restroom afterwards. i have had a few there nothing to worry about really you can go to any groc... Read More »

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What are these two, small bumps in my vaginal area?

Honestly, it sounds like pimples, which /do/ occur down there or anywhere you have skin. It's good that you cleaned them with an alcohol pad after you squeezed them, but for now on, try not to sque... Read More »

Is it normal to be 6 weeks pregnant and have very bad cramping and weird pressure in the vaginal area but you're not sore in the chest area?

Answer I would say that very bad cramping could be a sign of miscarriage. That's what happened to me around 5 weeks. My breasts were initially sore but within 12 hours of the miscarriage starting... Read More »

Had Sex And Now My Vaginal Area Is?

Did you use a condom or anything that could make you irritated down there? or it probably is a yeast infection.

Dark markings on vaginal area?

Why is your mom discussing her health concerns with her daughter instead of discussing them with a doctor?