Help ladies! Relationship problem...?

Answer Well, it could be that she's had a history of dating the "bad boy" and wants to try something different. Invariably the "bad boy," while extremely sexy, is the worst possible person you could date... Read More »

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Ladies can you please help me with this embarrassing problem?

Dear sweet Wil L♥ I see you are at it again♥ You do have yourself a problem....have you ever been able to have a erection when sober? I really don't think are just blamin... Read More »

Alright ladies help me out :)?

Hey girly! I really really dont think that having bleeding for 24 hours is NOT a period!!! I have never heard of anyone ever having a period that only last that short amount of time. Maybe since it... Read More »

LADIES, can you help me out please?

First of all, you are so sweet so spend that much...I personally like Ally extra large leather tote bag the best.

I need help ladies! ?;…my natural hair is past my shoulders now.... I use kids organics products, my hair is soft, manageable and is growing!!!!!lov ya girlie....