Help! ive lost my arm, do you know where it is?

Answer wondered where this extra arm came from,it keeps typing in different letters on my keybboard,stupid bloody arm,do you want it back? if not i'll put it in lost property,because its getting on my ner... Read More »

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6 yrs ago i lost my sense of smell and taste does anyone know of anything i can do to help it to return?

Hello, I extend my sympathy to you for the loss of a very important body function which is responsible for a good quality of life and one's personal safety. The simple thing for me to do would be t... Read More »

Help somehow i have lost the bar/tray at the bottom of my comp. where it says start . how do i get it back?

I lost my phone and i need to know its exact location, know any online trackers?

Computer know it alls- please help, this is very simple, but I don't know how to do it!!!!! Help!?

You need to go out and buy a usb mutiple adapter that has four or more plugins you can get these at a local retailer such as target, walmart, office max, office depot.