Help its to do with a Desktop and a monitor?

Answer The cable to connect them is already with the monitor. Check you email , i have emailed you. Let me assist you.

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My desktop monitor is not working.can i use my laptop's screen as my desktop monitor my laptop has vga port.?

No it is not possible. The VGA port on your laptop is there to use a seperate viewing screen with your laptop not to use the screen on the laptop with a seperate computer. Because if did not notice... Read More »

My desktop monitor is dead. Can I connect my desktop computer to my laptop monitor?

No there isn't a realistic way of doing this. While one of the remote control suggestions may work, you need to configure the desktop for thisto work which you can't as the monitor doesn't work.How... Read More »

I own desktop. Recieved wireless system for laptop. Everything is compatible with desktop except PC card. HELP?

It depends on what kind of connection your wireless router accepts. If it accepts 802.11 B and 802.11 G (the most common ones) then you can get any card that is B or G. You need a PCI card or a USB... Read More »

How to Use an iMac Monitor With a 733 Desktop?

The Gateway 733 is a desktop computer that, while outdated, is still useful for word processing, online web access and other activities that are typical for a computer user. The 733 connects to a c... Read More »