Help im being stalked What do i do?

Answer Wow first off this is the wrong category you posted this in face book and second yes you should call the police if you see the car again. If you were being tail gated you shouldn't have gone home i... Read More »

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Myspace users i think i maybe being stalked can you help me?

I am pretty sure they have to be signed it to see who's looking. I you have it set to private and accept only friends can view, and he can't see your info... of course, don't accept him as a friend... Read More »

Realty tv show or I am being stalked?

Well if you weren't being stalked before you are surely going to gain some new stalkers now.Good job breaking the number one Internet rule - DO NOT PUT PERSONAL OR CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET.

How to Avoid Being Stalked on Social Media?

Whether you're wary of an obsessive stalker, or you simply don't want a creepy someone ogling over you, here are some paranoid ways to deny online predators their fun while still enjoying the socia... Read More »

How to Tell if You're Being Stalked on the Internet?

Scary, right?One of the most unfortunate things that could happen to you online is being stalked. If you would like to be able to tell if you're being stalked and what to do when this happens, plea... Read More »