Help! i wana hide my scars..?

Answer Wear those bracelet things people wear when they play sports.

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How can I hide my scars?

Don't listen to whoever that was cause she doesn't know. I cut, mostly on my stomach but I have a few on my legs. I hafta wear shorts for gym class. Mkkaayy here's wat to do: go to ur local CVS and... Read More »

How do i hide my cutting scars?

Words are good, hon. You don't owe anyone an explanation. Frequent moisturizing and Avon tanning crèmes would really minimize them. I pasted other links for you.

How to Hide Scars With Bronzing Gel?

Scars that develop from acne, cuts, scrapes and other injuries are unsightly and cause embarrassment to some people. Depending on the depth and age of the scar, they are difficult to fade even with... Read More »