Help-i need to open an important document in 'word' but dont have it?

Answer If you use your laptop for internet only, you surely have more than one need for "word processing!" Someone else recommended you get OpenOffice, a free office suite from Sun Microsystems. It has a ... Read More »

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How do I open an XML document!! i really need help...please?

First of all, you have to get the xml file out of the Zip folder. Right click on the Zip folder, click on "Extract All" and then click the "Extract" button on the dialog that opens. An unzipped f... Read More »

How to get a pc word document to open on a mac?

....try saving it as a .doc file, I think you'll be OK.

HELP ME! i need a root canal but i dont have money for it. what will i do?

see if you can arrange a payment plan with your dentist. have a frank, honest discussion with him/her, and plead with them. you need this procedure.hope u get thru

I have a cavity and it hurts but the dentist said I dont need it filled. help?

Call back your dentist and tell them your having a lot of pain. I too had something juss like you but it wasn't a cavitty. I forgot what it was called but if they didn't fill it it would end up a ... Read More »