Help i need help to hide my cuts?

Answer Wear your shorts under your pants... if you have thick tights you might be able to cut them down to better blend under your shorts so they are less noticeable. I'd hate for my cuts to be seen, my s... Read More »

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Ok, so i cut and i really need to get rid of the cuts by 15 days. there not al all bad. help and yes i stoppe?

vitamin b12 really helps, also try neosporin for scars and then make up when ut needs to be conceealed. works like a charm. :)best answer please?

Do u have to take a person that cuts themselves to a doctor for help or can you help them on your own?

Anyone that cuts themself has a deep rooted problem that needs attention. It is best you help them seek professional help, instead of trying to help them yourself. Getting them professional help ... Read More »

Need to hide this from the dentist. PLEASE HELP!?

Hiya,Well done on weight loss that's amazing! You did so well without any 'help' from making yourself sick so if you can try to stop please do - I am saying this from experience only. I used to mak... Read More »

How to hide cuts I wont do it again! please I just need to cover them up!!!?

Ahhhhhh man, okay you say you will never do it again but..... You need to seek help, if you cut to deep you could die; talk to someone about your problems, get help you will feel so much better. Tr... Read More »