Help!!!!! i need a cure for period pain?

Answer its driving you crazy now you know what us guys have to go threw

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How to cure stomach pain during period?

Most often, the cause of your menstrual stomach pain is the contractions made by your uterus during your menstrual period. Other causes can be indigestion, constipation and even bloating from water... Read More »

Whats a natural way to cure period pain?

Prevention is far better than treatment, in the case of menstrual cramps contrary to popular belief it is not something women have to suffer, most women can easily prevent menstrual cramps with som... Read More »

How can I help with my girlfriends period pain?

Your girlfriend may benefit from being on the birth control pill. This greatly reduces PMS and pain associated with menstral periods. In the meantime she can take something like midol that she can ... Read More »

I need help with my period.?

You really should try eating healthy foods. Fruits, veggies and lots of water. You may also want to talk to your doctor about this because I'm sure he/she will be able to help you a lot! They will ... Read More »