Help! i got drunk and someone glued an ironing board to my back!!!?

Answer Nail polish remover or ER. God I hope you're joking.

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When removing capacitor from circuit board the contact came off board with the capacitor can it be glued back?

Yes you can glue it back down but make sure you get a good connection to the capacitor. If necessary you can replace the trace with a piece of wire. Just make sure you know what you are doing and... Read More »

How to Pick an Ironing Board to Fit Your Ironing Style and Space?

Ironing is a chore that you either love, hate, or tolerate. However, there is a sense of accomplishment when you have wrestled those wrinkles and have a clean, crisp shirt to wear. Types of ironing... Read More »

How to Choose an Ironing Board?

When you put clothes in a laundry bag, suitcase or even folded in a drawer, they can become too wrinkled. When this happens, you need a fully functioning ironing board on which to iron them. There ... Read More »

Who invented the ironing board?

Sarah Boone was the inventor of the ironing board, according to the Home Furnish website. Sarah Boone was a former slave from Connecticut and lived in the 19th century. Little is known about the ex... Read More »