Help, i got bit by a spider?

Answer These things are really quite harmless, not going to hurt you at all.Ice is the best for any swelling, Just wash with soap and water and go on your way.There may be an itchy red spot for the rest o... Read More »

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Help help a black widow spider just bit me on the arm?

Sorry it's taken me so long to answer, but you're probably dead by now. I guess you won't be able to give me best answer!


It might be a allergic reaction or hives if u buy medicine like rash cream if i is not working i dont know hopefully it will

I got bit by a spider- HELP?

hii..Treatments for minor bites should be as for any puncture wound. The wound should first be encouraged to bleed to wash out any foreign material and debris. (Many wounds will not bleed because t... Read More »

HELP! A spider bit me.?

Don't listen to the people about it being a black widow. If it were a black widow (according to the information that it bit you yesterday) you would have other (very severe) symptoms such as severe... Read More »