Help i got Adobe Flash cs3 wrong language! PLZ HELP PLZ!!!! AWARDING BEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!?

Answer return it for exchange to the correct version

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Metal prong in tv input Please help ! Awarding points for help ! ?

Unless you can grasp the metal plug pin with pliers (very small needle pliers, that is),you'll probably need to consult a repair shop to have the thing removed.Of course, you'll also need a replace... Read More »

Installing Adobe Flash 10. HELP?

You *begin* the installation by going onto the web and clicking the install link.Once the install begins *then* you have to close firefox. The installation will then complete without firefox being ... Read More »


He should not be as focused on weight lifting and more focused on cardio workout such as running, jump rope, swimming, etc. This will help to get rid of the potbelly. Also at 12 years of age his gr... Read More »

Recording a audio help!! {Best Answer to anyone who can help!}?

You dont need to be a genius. But it may be copyright so I suggest you ask elsewhere, and its not recording its downloading and if its copyright thats software piracy.