Help! i feel like a vampire?

Answer I had to do a report on this for school. When you become a teenager, your body wants to stay in a "sleep late, rise late" mode until you're about 21. That, or you're a vampire! ^vv^

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I've got a super bad Sunburn and I look like a lobster and feel like a red hot coal, help?

any of those clear topical poison ivy stuff is also for sunburn. I just used it. We have a pool in our backyard now, and I am now reminded of how you can get really burnt being near water a lot fas... Read More »

Help! I feel like throwing up !!?

Acid reflux is curable with a more alkaline diet that requires a lot more fruit and vegetables.Sometimes yogurt every day helps as well.

I feel like s**t, please help?

awww poor you. take some beachems powder things. drink hot drinks. drink plenty of fluids. get in front of the fire with a blanket (and hotwater bottle if nesessary). keep blowing your nose to geta... Read More »

I feel like a pussy! Help?

A very wise man once said to me, don't think DO. This is the best advice anyone can, and ever will give you in your entire life, I absolutely guarantee you.As the other dude said, competition is go... Read More »