Help, i can't stop drinking from the toilet what do i do?

Answer have your master keep a rolled up newspaper handy and smack your snout with it when you drink.

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Is it time to abolish drinking and driving laws to help stop so many British pubs from closing down?

that would be a great idea, it would really boost the NHS throughput figures too, not to mention helping out those poor car insurance companies. It would also free-up lots of police time to catch p... Read More »

Help bleeding badly from cut on neck cant stop the bleeding?

cover it with a clean cloth and put pressure on it, hold it down fairly hard

Can drinking alot of water help if you have a urinary tract infection if you cant go to the doctor?

Pain on urination doesn't = UTI. It could be many other things. Go ahead and drink as much water as you want. It won't hurt you.

Help! My buddy is pregnant but she won't stop drinking Azerbaijan Beer...What should I Do?

I say move her to Azerbaijan. **cheers!!** (Do you think Judas would follow her there to care for his offspring? Rumor has it that Azerbaijan isn't connected to the world wide web yet. No internet ... Read More »