Help! i can barely breathe?

Answer Simply, if your having breathing difficulties, you need medical attention ASAP. Don't sit around and wait, seek help now.

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My cat stepped on my keyboard, now all the text and everything is so small I can barely read it. Help?

hit ctrl and the + at the same time and ctrl - to make it smaller

I had my first sexual encounter with a girl i barely know (random hook up) and im scared i have an std help m?

Relax Bruce. The watery semen is normal if you ejaculate within relatively short amounts of time. I used to listen to a lot of Loveline with Adam Carolla and Dr Drew.As far as pregnancy goes only t... Read More »

Why does it hurt so bad when I breathe deeply Please help.?

This may be the acid from your stomach. Do you eat at the right time? There's a possibility you're palpitating, or you have heartburn.

There is barely anything in my fridge and I'm starving help And I don't have $ to order anything?

Without telling us what you do have in your fridge, freezer or cupboard we can't help you.If there is bread and butter you could make a sandwich, or cook some eggs if you have someDune