Help i acsidently got crasy glu on my mouth how do i get it off?

Answer uh - it sounds like you are in a sticky situation - hahahahahahahaha sorrry - really use hot water and peal it open small pieces at a time - you might want to call poison control because they might... Read More »

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In mouth to mouth resuscitation how would your exhaled breath help the person in receiving aid?

The atmosphere around you contains roughly 20% oxygen. When you inhale, then exhale, you trap some, but even in exhaling after a breath, you're putting out approximately 14% oxygen. While this isn'... Read More »

HELP! MOUTH SWOLLEn canker sore please help!!!!!!!!!?

Listen to everyone who said to gargle salt water, do it 3 times a day and it will heal quickly! Make sure its warm...and use as much salt as you can get to disolve in the water...It also soothes th... Read More »

Cut on Roof of my Mouth! Help!?

Drinking ice water will help slow the bleeding. Rinse with salt water made with Sea Salt (don't swallow)! Once the bleeding stops and healing begins be sure to rinse with something like Listerine... Read More »

Mouth Cancer help plz?

take care rita sometimes they do find cures and that is what you need i am sure with our prayers and time you will be ok. i had one person friend of mine had cancer in the teeth and shes ok now it... Read More »