Help! how to trace Prank calls?

Answer dial *69

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How do you trace prank calls?

Not on restricted numbers.Call your telephone service provider, tell them you are getting harassing calls. They may suggest that you use *57 to initiate a trace on that call. You won't get the call... Read More »

Can you trace a prank callBESIDES calling the cops?

no...*69 will not give you the number....!! put *67 before you call them back!!

Can I trace restricted phone calls how?

You can't, but they can be traced. The calls have to be threatening in nature and you have to be willing to file charges. The nuisance call trace feature (*57) makes the information available to ... Read More »

Is it possiable to trace private calls?

If the call was made to you then yes you can trace it, look in the front of your phone book for the * code in your area to find out the last number dialed then go online to a reverse phone directo... Read More »