Help how do I get the tampon unstuck?

Answer Pooooooop it out.

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Tampon questions plz help me plz!?

1. no2. never3. no4. oh lord read the directions or ask your mom ugh

My tampon string is gone, HELP?

girl try bending your knees till they touch your may help it slide out...

Tampon stuck. Help Please?

You should seriously get to a doctor. The longer the tampons stays "stuck" the greater your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, a bacterial infection that can be fatal. Good luck.1..Wash your hands bef... Read More »

HELP! i fell asleep with a tampon in! wht do i doo?

My girlfriend says you can fall asleep with it in all the time but that crazy **** never happened to her....GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!!You can suffer from tss and it's deadly!!