Help got really bad scratches by new kitten?

Answer Ouch. Quickly wash the scratched area with hott water and soap. Put hydrogen perioxide on the wound it will bubble and fizz its completely normal and kills the germs. Add neosporin every 2-4 hours ... Read More »

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Will my kitten scratches scar They are all over my arms. :(?

No, they won't have scratched you deep enough to make scars. Especially since they're kitten claws.

I need help, I really really really really really really need your help rigth now?

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How Can I Help My Kitten With a Weeping Eye?

A kitten can suffer from a number of eye conditions that cause the eye to "weep," or produce a watery discharge -- a condition known as conjunctivitis. If something has gotten into the eye, it can ... Read More »

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