Help going to med school?

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Im going to a new school, i need HELP!!!!?

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Will going to pre-school help a small child put her mind off problems at home?

That is a sweet yet very sad story... i feel like crying. If I were you I would start a small charity for your daughters dream because you could never now what could happen. oh now im crying. take ... Read More »

HELP!!! I am going to the mall to shop for back to school clothes in about 10 min. What should I get?

1 a really great shoe2 a good pair of pants that will last3 a cute fashionable/trendy top4 a plain tee5 and whatever you think is cute.

I'm going to a new school and I need HELP on financial aid things, can someone tell ma what should I do?

the COA stands for the Cost Of Attendance. This is an estimate of the cost it would be for an out-of-state student to attend that college for one year. Your ACTUAL cost may be more or less depend... Read More »