Help from contractors or roofers?

Answer The only bracket I'm familiar with screws on under a shingle so no chance of leak even if you remove the bracket. There will however be a shadow left permanently on your shingles color under the br... Read More »

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What is the difference between contractors general liability coverage contractors professional liability and builders risk coverage?

Answer Builders Risk - 1st Party coverage for a building under construction - covers the Property - building & materials.Contractors GL - Covers your exposure for causing Bodily Injury or Property ... Read More »

How much money do roofers make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for a roofer is $18, as of May 2008. The average annual roofer salary is $37,430. The middle 50 percent of roofers make about $1... Read More »

Do Roofers in Indiana Have to Be Licensed?

The state of Indiana does not require roofers to have a license in order to perform roofing jobs. There may be local certifications or licensing requirements depending on the city or county in Indi... Read More »

Do Roofers Need a Contractor's License in VA?

According to American Contractors Exam Services, contractors in the state of Virginia, including roofers, do not need a license if the contract amount is less than $1,000. If the contract amount is... Read More »