Help for coputer gaming help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

Answer NO YOU CAN'T use this card.HP Pavillion a320n, has an AGP SLOT and this card is a PCI-express card. P2 in cards name asign this.You must look for an AGP card.Andif the Power Suply Unit from your PC... Read More »

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AMMYY SCAM HELP!!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

You should be able to remove Ammyy Admin from your control panel using "Add/Remove" programs. However, that at this point is only PART of your issue. Ammyy Admin is a legitimate remote administra... Read More »

Gaming TV Help !!!!!!?

Your xbox is probably setup in the dashboard to output 480 so your old TV could see things.Go into the system setup and re-define your TV as a HDTV with a 16:9 screen size and can take 1080 video. ... Read More »

What do i do if my ipod is making noise !!!!! help help help help scarred?

try resetting it to its normal settings (press and hold the middle and top button at the same thime for a couple seconds untioll it goes black and the apple logo apears)

Gaming Headphones (HELP)?

It matters what you are gonna use em for. For pc xbox etc. If its xbox get turtle beaches they work best for me