Help for a new vegan?

Answer Here's what you need to eat. Please make a note of the pulses and vegetables which I've mentioned. Apart from those mentioned, it would be beneficial to purchase fruits and vegetables which are n... Read More »

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Passive vegan or outspoken vegan...If YOU are vegan, which one are you and WHY?

LOLwut and RafC's answers are wonderful; that's the spirit!!!I'm an outspoken vegan, of course.Imagine the time when slavery was the common thing... and someone didn't "believe" in slavery, but did... Read More »

Vegan diet ! Please help!?

Gack! Bacon! Don't listen to Billy. Your desire to try a vegan diet is commendable. You probably didn't last on the diet because you need a balance diet with protein in it, to keep you from fee... Read More »

I'm a vegan, can you help me with something?

You can never be sure where the vegetables you are served are going to come from. It's sort of a crap shoot. Yes, most home-grown veggies are better than canned, frozen or those grown by huge agri-... Read More »

What to cook for a vegan -- help?

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