Help for Thinning Hair for Women?

Answer Thinning hair is a problem many women face. Age, stress, or even hereditary conditions are among the causes. While there are professional hair care treatments that claim to reverse the thinning pro... Read More »

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Women & Thinning Hair?

People generally think of hair loss and thinning hair as a problem exclusive to men. Not so. Women can have it, too, particularly as they get older. Thinning hair or even balding can be caused by a... Read More »

The Best Hair Styles for Women With Thinning Hair?

Thinning hair? You're not alone: 30 million women in America report thinning hair. Don't resign yourself to a life of scraggly strands and embarrassing bald patches. With the right haircut and a li... Read More »

How to Hide Thinning Hair on Women?

Thousands of men and women will experience thinning hair at some point in their life. Thinning hair is not life threatening, but it definitely can be embarrassing and affect your social life and se... Read More »

How to Cover Up Thinning Hair in Women?

Women are masters of disguise. They know how to conceal big butts and hide sagging necks. They can create the illusion of being tall and thin by wearing high heels and big hairdos. They know that d... Read More »