Help for Lightning Strike Symptoms on a Computer?

Answer Lightning strikes and other forms of electrical surges can severely damage computers. The power supply that distributes power to computer components and parts may become unusable after receiving mo... Read More »

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How to Calculate Lightning Strike Distance?

Lightning is a natural occurrence that can be extremely dangerous. Knowing how to estimate the distance you are from a thunderstorm is an important skill for staying safe during storm season. Pin... Read More »

How to Check House Wires After a Lightning Strike?

If your home is struck by lightning, it's a good idea to check your wiring to make certain that the strike didn't fuse any wires together that may short out. This is particularly important near the... Read More »

Can a tulip tree survive a lightning strike?

Tulip trees can survive a lightning strike as long as the resulting damage is not severe. If the tree is healthy before the lightning strike and does not sustain a great loss of outer bark, its nat... Read More »

How to Make My Computer Lightning Fast?

You want your computer to be lightning fast. You could then launch programs quickly, open files and folders within a second and browse the Internet at high speed. Unfortunately, there is no one sec... Read More »