Help first time 14 ...?

Answer Although I accept that some 14 year olds may be physically mature enough for sex, you are by no means psychologically mature enough. As Dr Frank as said, the fact you have even asked this question ... Read More »

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Help! first time sex?

Take a breath and don't freak I'm about to give you some good news. Since your girlfriend is on birth control the delayed menstrual cycle and spotting is only normal. When a female takes birth cont... Read More »

HELP my FIRST time...?

Even though your question is totally deceptive, since I took the time to read it, I'll answer it. It depends. I shave all the way up. But some people stop at the knee. If you are young, you may not... Read More »

First time driver! Help!?

Yes they do, often it's the exact same questions re arranged. Make sure you know your street signs and about safe driving. Th questions are mostly basic logic questions. It's not a Physics exam : )

First Time Driving, Help!?

just go 5mph over the speed limit, i feel the same way, i'm 17 now and i just deal with it, cars are to get from point a to point b, don't pay attention to them, better safe than getting a ticket