Help fast please! thankss?

Answer Get a hot waterbottles or a hot cloth and lay it on his stomach. Take Tums or any Tummy medicine he has, drink SIPS of water and when he feels able he should ONLY eat soda crackers, or chicken soup... Read More »

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HELP!!! FAST!!! Please answer! Fast?

I ahve this HUGE zit on my forehead.......does anybody have any fast fixes for them....please help me...please?

ok, i used to have bad acne, so i've become an expert on this. start by applying ice to the zit for a couple minutes to make the inflammation go down. take some aleve, and a zinc supplements, they... Read More »

HELP, im so scared that i wil die in a few days, PLEASE HELP FAST!?

I don't think ghosts can actually kill you. More likely, if there is a ghost, it's gonna scare the **** out of you. I think you're scared of being alone for long periods at home so your ghost isn't... Read More »

I need help...... please help fast?

There are always other ways to wear your hair that might make you feel less self contious. Like you could wear half up with like a clip in the back or braid your hair to the side or a bun would be ... Read More »