Help facebook question?

Answer No once you have canceled the request it would be updated and the previous notification would be withdrawn. So the other end user will not get any notification.

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Facebook question help?

Yes! There is something that they have to work on that, if you are via mobile by the FB app they will see you are (online mobile) but the message will be deliver it in your inbox like a regular on... Read More »


he will administer the page, but be careful to give the admin rights to someone u know, i know many ppl lost their pages because they give admin to someone they dont really know good, and the new a... Read More »

I have a facebook question! Please help!?

Correct. Block her on Facebook and she cannot find you on Facebook.But beware, your friend will eventually inbox her on Facebook and snitch on you.But she can use anybody's and find you anyway eith... Read More »

Help on facebook please............. (read my prob.) this question worth 10 points?

u cannot-it sucks-fb has changed again-i know-i am there! it has changed like 5 times since i joined-uugh!