Help! does anybody know how doctors medically indce periods?

Answer They could put you on a ten day course of metroconizole or other version of a medicine called depo provera like that, and basically your period is supposed to start on the second or third day of t... Read More »

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Does Anybody Know The Name Of This Song Please Help!?

"One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)" by Johnny Winter.

Does anybody know any remedies that will help relieve my toothache?

Does Anybody Know Any Hotel Ballrooms Or Halls In Philadelphia For My Birthday Party Please Help ..?

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown u could go on google images and look up the rooms nd check it out :) hope this helps its a pretty place im suprised its pa

I keep getting headaches when i wake up without going to the doctors does anybody have any ideas?

your dehydrated not drinking enough water. 2ltr a day at least of pure water not tea, coke, coffee, ect ect is needed to be healthy