Help did me or my husband swallow metal ?

Answer It is possible that the blade never actually broke off IN the can Even hands can be faster than the eye(and maybe) it splintered away from the can. Too, being so small, it could have washed away un... Read More »

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Metal heads in need of help, looking for black metal bands?

50 or 100?? No thanks...Carpathian ForestGorgorothHypothermiaMutiilationAustereThy LightLost InsideColdWorldLeviathanDarkthroneImmortalXasthurDark FuneralArmagedda

How can you adopt your niece if your husband has moved out of the house and wants a legal separation Adoption would help her get a free college education as your husband has tenure?

There is no reason why you cannot adopt for whatever reason, whether single, divorced, or married. However, if the reason for adoption is access to benefits through your husband, then HE would need... Read More »

Help! Did I swallow bleach?

There's nothing wrong with bleach - it won't hurt you. Bleach is just water with an extra oxygen on the molecule... Obviously you don't want to drink whole bottles of it.

Help!! I can't swallow pills and I'm 16!!!?

The idea here is to toss a pill into your mouth, and then take a gulp of water, hoping that your throat won't close up while you are swallowing the water.Yeah. I don't get it right every time and ... Read More »