Help default gateway problem vista .....?

Answer Make sure your system is set to use DHCP to get an IP address automatically. Once you have an address, then check your default gateway you are using. That should be the address to connect to. Yo... Read More »

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Is a default gateway the same as a default router?

In computer network terminology, the terms default gateway and default router have the same meaning. When a computer needs to send data onto a network, it sends the data via a connection associated... Read More »

Default gateway offline?

You need to specify a default gateway. Simple solution is go to one of the other computers in the house, open command prompt (assuming your using windows) and type in 'ipconfig'. That will show you... Read More »

I can't connect to my default gateway!?

You don't even have a router, so there's no need to do any port forwarding. You have a modem, not a router, that's why your IP address is showing as, which is a public address that ... Read More »

Why is the Default Gateway incorrect?

IP address with CIDR means subnetmask We should know what the sub Network ID of with subnetmask Sub Network id for ip ad... Read More »