Help becoming vegetarian?

Answer Here are tips:1. Take your time - my journey from meat eater took about a year.2. Start out using some basic substitutes for the meat you are used to in foods where you won't even notice - ground m... Read More »

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I am thinking of becoming vegetarian, and need some help with ideas?

plenty of meals to make from the recipes here so many you could never make them allshould be at least a restaurant near you that is veg friendly http://www.happycow.n... Read More »

Vegetarian Chef: My very young son has expressed an interest in becoming a chef, however he is a vegetarian.?

(I'm assuming you aren't veg)How young is very young? Pre-school? High school? He needs to start out by learning how to cook in YOUR kitchen. Are YOU teaching him cooking? As a veg he needs to kno... Read More »

Becoming a vegetarian.?

Vegetarians do not eat any meat, this includes fish, shell fish and poultry. They also avoid gelatin, rennet and certain food colourings. Vegans are stricter and do not include dairy, eggs and hone... Read More »

Becoming a Vegetarian....?

ok, i have never really liked meat and my diet is almost just like a vegetarians diet because i just like veggie food better. first of all, red meat isnt bad for you! if you have a lot of it, it's ... Read More »