Help! anyone have any remedies to help me sleep?

Answer try melatonin it is very effective..take 5 mg then later go to 3-5mgeven the cheap kind from dollar general is fine on thisalso breathing lavender essential oil by sprinkling it on sheets and pillo... Read More »

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I have a really bad sore throat, it hurts when i swallow...anyone know any quick remedies to help sooth it?

Hot tea with some honey in it. Also try gargling with salt water to kill any bacteria that may be causing the sore throat.

What herbal remedies or things that I can do to help me sleep?

Melatonin.( nothing else worked for me..Valerian, Camomille, warm milk, St John's Wort, lavender etc..big 0...too hyper I guess)It is found in any health shop or pharmacies over the counter. And it... Read More »

HELP! i can't go to sleep any tips that can help me get to sleep faster without medicine?

Any one or other of the above answers may be helpful, but it really depends on personal preference, since the same method may not work for all. I can only add to the above answers : try simple brea... Read More »

Has anyone got quick home remedies for sunburn HELP!?