Help am i a vegeterian ?

Answer your are chikenarian !

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Where can I buy vegeterian ice?

Any ice you buy should be vegetarian safe, after all it should be straight water.Dune

Is being a vegeterian at my age a bad thing?

Hi HannahIf you go to several doctors, chances are you will get different answers. Everyone has its own opinion. Some say that the proteins from meat are essential to your body and you cannot get t... Read More »

Is it good to become a vegeterian?

As an ex-vegetarian of six years, I can confidently tell you that it's pointless unless you like being the center of attention when you eat with anyone. And if you do, then you're a narcissist. Bes... Read More »

How can Men be vegeterian / vegan?

There are many ways to get your protein as mentioned below. Protein deficiency is a PERCEIVED problem with a vegan diet.