Help .. advice about my daughter re the pill?

Answer pregnancy is one about disease????

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Help! I'm terrified about hosting a party, I need help/advice?

The best way to host a party is to have a well organized plan, with plenty of food, and drinks!these pirates, are sure to be hungry-- I would suggest getting your music ready, and play the music wh... Read More »

Help I need great advice about braces and spacers?

Spaces are put in between your very back molars and the next teeth. They are put in to create space for the braces on the very back teeth. The very back teeth get full braces that wrap around each ... Read More »

Please read, about cancer, if you have advice that would help too.?

Hey calm down.There are many ways to treat pancreatic cancer other than medicines.Why don't u try natural treatment.They cause no side effects,unlike medicines.Go check a natural health food produc... Read More »

I am just about to start my first ivf can you give me any advice that might help?

I have not had an IVF, however I can reassure you that an IVF will bring you closer to a baby, even though some couples take longer to get pregnant this way (possibly older women, with a history of... Read More »