Help about melting chocolate?

Answer Use semi sweet chocolate.Use a double boiler, or just hold a pan with the chocolate in submerged in a larger pan full of boiling water.With your other hand, mix the chocolate.Microwaves heat liquid... Read More »

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What is the melting point of chocolate?

The exact melting point of chocolate depends on the type and processing methods. Generally, chocolate will melt once it reaches body temperature. It will completely melt between 104 and 113 degrees... Read More »

What is the melting rate of chocolate?

According to Chemical & Engineering News, the melting rate of chocolate depends on two primary factors: the amount of cocoa butter and milk fats in its composition. One study conducted by two resea... Read More »

Can I turn cocoa powder into melting chocolate?

You can't turn cocoa powder into melting chocolate. However, you can substitute cocoa powder for melted, unsweetened baking chocolate in recipes. Combine 3 tbsp. cocoa with 1 tbsp. oil or melted bu... Read More »

What to substitute for condensed milk in melting chocolate?

Condensed milk is like sweetened evaporated milk. It is evaporated to half its volume, then sealed and sterilized by heat. It is unsweetened. So you can substitute evaporated milk and sugar in reci... Read More »