Help about AVG ANTIVIRUS!!!?

Answer Download ESET Nod 32 and uninstall AVG.Add me on msn I'll send it to you if you

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A question about Avira antivirus?

You can view the quarantined items within Avira and delete from there. Although i don't see the need as quarantined items are safe.

Antivirus XP 2008 help?

i could recommend several free antispyware tools, but i see you are frustrated about those. so here's removal guidelines to delete antivirus xp 2008…this ... Read More »

Need help for Antivirus...?

Try to download AVAST or AVG from www.filehippo.comBefore installing other antivirus programme, delete Mcafee completely without trace.If browsers are not working, reinstall Firefox or Google chrom... Read More »

I'm about to download an antivirus, but not sure if I should go for AVASt or AVG?

Neither is good...Spysweeper is the way to go.The best software you should get is Spysweeper with Anti-virus, this software is too good and gets better everyday. This is ELITE software. It blocks o... Read More »