Help With Unfiled Taxes?

Answer Every year before April 15, many Americans file their taxes or an extension form. However, approximately seven million people each year neglect to do either. For some, it's because they don't have ... Read More »

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How far back can the irs look for unfiled taxes?

There is no statue of limitations for how far back the IRS can look for and collect on unfiled taxes. For refunds, income tax filers have three years to file and collect.Source:Help Yourself by Fil... Read More »

How many years does the Oklahoma Tax Commission go back on unfiled taxes?

According to Section 710:50-5-13(e) of the Oklahoma Administrative Code, there is no statute of limitations on an unfiled tax return. This means that the Oklahoma Tax Commission will go back as far... Read More »

How to Get Help With Taxes Owed?

The IRS is serious about its enforcement efforts: In tax year 2009, the Internal Revenue Service executed 581 property seizures, filed nearly 1 million tax liens and levied fines on more than 3.4 m... Read More »

Can bankruptcy help with back taxes?

You may be able to discharge back income taxes--but not payroll or trust fund taxes--under certain conditions.The tax assessment would need to have been completed at least 240 days before filing fo... Read More »