Help With Paying My Propane Bill in Indiana?

Answer During the cold winter months, Indiana heating expenses can be costly. If you need extra help covering your propane bill, various assistance programs are available. The state, private organizations... Read More »

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Should a Responsible 14 year old Get a iPhone 4 if he's paying for the phone and the mom paying for the bill.It'd be for a birthday gift and a a small part of he's Christmas present?

Whether or not you are responsible can't be determined by yourself, that's an incredibly biased opinion. Personally, I think that if you're buying the iPhone yourself, you'll value it much more, an... Read More »

How Do I Get Help Paying California Propane Bills?

Low-income California households unable to cover monthly propane expenses can apply to the federally funded Home Energy Assistance Program. HEAP helps almost 5 million U.S. households 150 percent b... Read More »

Can i go to jail for not paying a bill?

On One Hand: Debtor's Prisons Don't ExistIn the U.S. federal law forbids a person unable to pay a debt from being incarcerated for their inability to pay money that they owe to another party (with ... Read More » paying bill online?