Help! What is this black mark on my cheek Its only just got there?

Answer Lolx

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How to Do the Cheek to Cheek Card Trick?

The cheek-to-cheek card trick is a very simple magic trick that can be set up and performed quite easily. The trick is performed by asking an audience member to choose a card from the deck and then... Read More »

BLACK FRIDAY. .....Need your help. Question mark ;A;?

You should already be standing in line if you think you're gonna score a notebook at Best Buy. Good luck mang, that place is a deathtrap.You'd probably be better off going to on Monday a... Read More »

Which cream use pimpal & black mark?

My HP scanner has this black mark "shadow" on the window?

This is one of two things.1. Your paper isn't being held flat against the scanner glass and lifting at the corners, causing a shadow by the frame of the scanner. Put something flat on top of the pa... Read More »