Help!!!!!!! What can I do If I got stung by 3 wasps at the same time on my hand?

Answer It depends if you're severely allergic to it or not. If you are allergic, then call emergency services and use your adrenaline shot if you have one. Here's first aid whether or not you're allergic ... Read More »

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My mom just got stung by 5 wasps..?

i got stung by 3 when i was 7. i was fine. she should be fine but there may be an allergic reaction, and if that is so then yes medical attention will be needed asap. sorry to hear

My aunt husband got stung by a hornet and his hand been swollen for more than a day what do he do?

He's having an allergic reaction to a hornet sting. A little swelling is normal But having a hand that looks like an over- inflated latex glove is not.Get off the computer and get the man to the ER... Read More »

I was stung by a yellow jacket and now my hand is very swollen!?

either call your doctor, call an Emergency room...or go to one! Better to be safe! And can prob take more than one dose of benadryl

What might be the cause of me waking up the same time every night pleease HELP ME?

I have runs of doing that myself. What I've learned through years of trial and error is that when I find myself in one of those "spells" I turn the clock where I can't see the face of it. That wa... Read More »