Help! Unusual mosquito bite!?

Answer OOPPSS..Bad area to be stung by a mosquito.....Have you got any antihistimines such as Benadryl or any other no name PRODUCT??? This will,, reduce the swelling within an hour

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Spider bite or Mosquito bite PLEASE HELP?

You need to deal with the cause, not the effect,spray your room with a good safe insecticide. Strip your bed, and vacuum it while giving it a good beating to get rid of bugs.

Mosquito Bite Problem HELP!?

If you have these symptoms, then go to the doctor. If not, then it's just a normal mosquito bite.FeverSevere headacheNeurological changes, such as one-sided muscle weaknessBody achesNauseaVomitingS... Read More »

HELP! how do you make a mosquito bite not itch!?

take antihistamines - hayfever or pollen allergy pills (only the amount prescribed on the packet). They work on the same stuff that is injected when a mosquito bites and take away the bulk of the... Read More »

Mosquito bite but it burns and its big and swollen and red. help?

Why do mosquito bites Itch?A mosquito bite itches because when a female mosquito (males eat nectar) bites you, she injects protein and enzymes meant to numb the skin and to make your blood flow mor... Read More »