Help!!!! Sreen flipped 180 degrees!!!!!!!?

Answer This is the Intel Integrated Graphics software. Ctrl + Alt + an arrow key will flip the screen in that direction. With nVidia graphics chips, the option is in the settings. I'm not sure about ATi.

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My computer screen has flipped 90 degrees so everything is now on its side can anyone help me get it back?

Here is simplest way...Press Alt and ctrl (of right side) and than press arrow keys will flip your screen in all four directions whichever you want you can select. you have four options up do... Read More »

Help!!!computer screen flipped sideways!!?

Make sure all of your windows are minimized. On your desktop, right click and then a list of options will appear. Put the cursor on "Graphic Options" and then the menu will expand. Then click on... Read More »

Help! my brother pressed a button on my keyboard and my screen flipped sidways?

Press control alt then the upwards arrow key (first control, then alt, then the arrow but keep them pressed down) then let go all at once and it will change

I am a computer doughnut I just banged the soft sreen on the moniter and it has split what shall I do ?