Help Second degree burn?

Answer 1. Take an aspirin2. Apply a cold wet towel but do not add aloe 3. After about 30 minutes, apply cortisone or a very small amount of aloe. If it still hurts to apply aloe, Crush a few aspirin pills... Read More »

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Can a burn from salt and ice give a 3rd degree burn?

Actually, the ice can burn to 3rd degree. Especially easily done with one of those ice packs or gel ice packs attached to the injury with nothing between that and skin. It happened to a nurse I kno... Read More »

How hot is a third degree burn?

Burns are graded in degrees, such as first, second, or third (a few people use fourth, but it is not commonly used). But these designations are based on how much damage the burn does and not on the... Read More »

2nd degree burn help?

First off, stop using ice to take away the burning effect. Ice has been proven to cause more damage to burned skin than anything. Don't use butter! That's an old wise tale, it doesn't work, and ... Read More »

Is my burn 1st degree or...?

If it's pink, moist, and painful, it's a second degree burn. The healing process would be in about two weeks or less, depending on how you treat it. Using ointments like Bacitracin or Polysporin fr... Read More »