Help!! Question about computer files!!?

Answer A text file just holds plain text, while a MS Work or spreadsheet can hold clipart, pictures, and lots of other things. The only real difference between them is the formatting.

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Question about my computer getting slow and my internet too please help?

You need to keep your computer clean. This is the first thing I would try. It is free. This will help you clean your computer and optimize it to help you run smooth and fast. Love, honeyhttp://... Read More »

Question about WinRAR files ?

Question about Section 8/Tax Credit apartment files?

Just throw out every other page making it instantly half the size.

Will my computer delete files if I unhook my monitor and another question too...?

Monitors don't store files and removing a monitor from an old computer won't delete files.Open office is a great free alternative to MS Word. If the new computer doesn't have OpenOffice installed,... Read More »