Help! Printer problem?

Answer Which error? There are many.Hp has has printer diagnostics to use for free. Find them on the HP support page here:…

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Printer problem! help!?

Yes, most likely your printer is fine. Most likely the ink is dried at the holes of the printheads & is clogging it, preventing ink from coming out. This is a well known & common problem of inkjet ... Read More »

Printer problem can anyone help me?

Try running the Drivers and Utilities CD you got for the printer and installing the latest drivers. If that doesn't work try plugging it into all the USB ports on your PC. If that also doesn't work... Read More »

Mac Printer Problem!! Please Help!?

If you're on the same network, it should show up no problem.Uninstall/reinstall any drivers and try again.

Printer Connection problem! Please Help!!!?

Well try reading the user's manual. Maybe it will be useful! But I know that user manuals are not always easy to use. I would help if I knew how to solve this problem D: