Help! Pill lodged in throat crossways, what will happen?

Answer If the pill is caught in the throat, the doctor can numb the throat and gag reflex and remove the pill with forceps. If it is further down in the throat, they may do an upper endoscopy to remove it.

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What should i do to move a pill that is lodged in my throat?

eat some crusty bread. It can't be that bad if you've come on here!

What will happen after taking up an abortion pill?

The first one Mifepristone will end the pregnancy by stopping the production of progesterone which is what the embryo lives of. The next day you take the Misoprostol which induces cramps and expels... Read More »

What will happen after taking an abortion pill?

The embryo dies when you take Mifepristone. The second pill you take the next day and it's Misoprostol and it makes you cramp so the embryo comes out.

Ugghh, my throat is KILLING me. What will help!?

Cepacol spray, any spray that numbs.Try gargling with very warm salt water.Drink tea with honey and lemon.Buy some cough drops with menthol in themHot water with lemon, lots of it.Sip some blackbe... Read More »