Help! Pill lodged in throat crossways, what will happen?

Answer If the pill is caught in the throat, the doctor can numb the throat and gag reflex and remove the pill with forceps. If it is further down in the throat, they may do an upper endoscopy to remove it.

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What should i do to move a pill that is lodged in my throat?

eat some crusty bread. It can't be that bad if you've come on here!

How do you remove a pill that gets stuck in your throat?

Eat peanut butter. It will make the pill go down instantly. Sit up (don't lie down or recline) and drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Warm liquids may help to dissolve a pill a little faster... Read More »

My throat has hurt for 3 days.i dont want to go to the doctor.What should i do, take a pill or something?

Check to see if you have puss balls in your throat. If you do, then u HAVE to go to the doctor.. because that means their is an infection and u'll need antibiotic...If you don't see any white (pus... Read More »

There is a pill stuck in my throat and is giving me heart burn ... what should i do am i sick?

...something stuck in your throat shouldn't be giving you heartburn, and a pill certainly shouldn't even be getting stuck. Like the person above said: drink some water. If the heartburn continues, ... Read More »