Help! One of my computers has a virus called "Windows Vista"! How can I remove it?

Answer Relax, This can be FIXED! Just find your LINUX disk & place it in the CD/DVD tray and reBOOT the system... All will be WELL soon!!! Power to the Penguin!

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How to Remove a Trojan Virus from Windows Vista?

Malicious software, otherwise known as malware, is prevalent on the Internet. One wrong move and the next thing you know, your computer has fallen victim to a Trojan virus. These virus types are we... Read More »

Can Windows XP computers see Windows Vista computers on a network?

Windows XP and Windows Vista computers can see each other on a network, but you may have to make changes to the network settings because the computers may have different workgroup names. Make both ... Read More »

Can computers have Windows XP instead of Vista?

Computers with Windows Vista can re-install Windows XP. First, the user must uninstall Windows Vista, then obtain a copy of Windows XP. Windows XP can then be installed and run in place of Vista. I... Read More »

How many computers can i install windows vista on with one disc?

if its original then only 1 if its not then as many as u wish hope this helps u ^_^