Help! My computer won't work!?

Answer Open the case, try carefully pressing the video card and memory cards into the board, this is often the reason a machine beeps and refuses to start.

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Hey my house computer wont work....i really need help.?

The speakers on my computer wont work?

JUST FOLLOW;StartControl PanelSounds, Speech, and Audio DevicesSounds and Audio devicescheck the box- Place volume icon the task barset - highApplyOKI thought it was mute, you can check also right ... Read More »

Why wont my speakers work with my new computer?

It's not your's something with your audio card. Try reinstalling the drivers. iTunes nor your computer know if your speakers are plugged in or not. It is only concerned with getting t... Read More »

My computer plug wont work any suggestions?

the port on the laptops motherboard has become desoldered or loose and therefore dosent make contact needs to be re soldered