Help! My computer screen keeps shaking!?

Answer go to windows display settings and/or display control panel for your video card (navidia, ati, who ever made the card...)and change the resolution of your display to something less then what it is ... Read More »

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My computer screen keeps flashing on and off it pising me off can anyone help me resolve my problem?

You just have to know it can be anything from a power supply to a Video card to any other part going bad, or a software problem... We need more informationNow as the other post has said you have an... Read More »

My computer screen keeps flashing ever since i downloaded garrys mod help please?

If you play online alot you probably joined a bad server that downloaded a LUA file that had a virus atatched to it I dont think its your monitor and when you run your games what graphics setting d... Read More »

Why does my computer screen keep shaking?

something is probably interfering with it, mine does that every time my cell phone rings.

My computer screen is shaking multicolored double images, how do i fix this!?

Sounds like it was dropped. You need to take it into a repair shop.Guess you also learned not to lend computer to anyone.